Friday, December 27, 2019

My Screenplay THE COLD RUN Trending at The Black List!

My screenplay THE COLD RUN is trending at The Black List this week. I'm excited by the attention my script is getting and that it is Reader Recommended.

LOGLINE: After finding their boss's brother murdered on New Year's Day, two small-time drug runners find themselves embroiled in a violent turf war that will take all of their perseverance to survive.

If you would like to read the screenplay, please send me an email (bgkimzey at gmail dot com). Here are some kind words about my screenplay from an industry reviewer at The Black List:

In this script, the writer delivers an interesting cocktail of midwestern charm and good old-fashioned crime-thriller violence that excites and entices the audience. Taking notes out of the Coen Brothers playbook, the writer offers a compelling crime narrative with a nice mixture of familiar tropes and moments with enough unexpected twists and subversions to keep the narrative fresh. The characters are exceptionally well written, each one a complex, memorable role with plenty of contradictions and flaws to engage the audience. Bunny and Odell's bond really drives the story on a deep, emotional level that helps to ground the heightened reality the story lives in. The dialogue is also quite impressive, clearly a strength of this writer. The writer also shows a real talent for action, creating inventive and original sequences that engage the audience viscerally and offer a fresh, new take on crime thriller action moments. The cynical, darkly funny tone rings true with the genre, bringing the audience into a world where violence and chaos reign, but where they still trust the characters to lead them through to a satisfying conclusion. All in all, it's a fun, interesting idea for the genre, and a solid read.

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