Monday, January 5, 2015

Families Among Us: Great Review from the Colorado Review/Center for Literary Publishing

I'm honored to see this wonderfully in-depth and generous review of my chapbook Families Among Us from the Colorado Review and the Center for Literary Publishing. A short snippet:
Following the likes of Orson Welles and his radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds, Rod Serling and the television series The Twilight Zone, and John Carpenter and his film The Thing, Blake Kimzey and his chapbook collection of short stories Families Among Us delve deep into different, yet equally mysterious phenomena. Kimzey’s collection proposes that we need look no further than our own homes and communities for the source of the curious and the bizarre, and it is through these otherworldly, yet earthly, creations that we discover that which binds us all.
You can read the whole review here. And if you'd still like to purchase a copy of Families Among Us, you can do so here. Thanks for reading! 

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