Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Fiction in Her Royal Majesty

Along with fiction from Alice Munro and poetry from Pulitzer-winner Carl Dennis, my short story "Tunneling" will appear in the Paris-based literary and arts journal Her Royal Majesty, Issue 12; this issue has already gotten great endorsements from the Paris Review and Tin House. You can order the "Exotic" themed issue by clicking here. Copies of this issue will go fast, so get one before they're gone (you can buy online, or in bookstores in Paris, Berlin, Santorini, Toronto, New York, Montreal, and Halifax).

I want to thank founder/editor Harriet Alida Lye for publishing my work; she is an amazing editor who took such great care with my writing. I am thrilled to be part of this issue, which also contains visual art by Matthew Rose, Sydney Smith, and Melchior Tersen; poetry by Giller-winner Anne Simpson, and fiction from Aaron Akira and Amanda Dennis, plus so much more. You can also buy a digital copy of the issue for your e-reader.

"Tunneling" is a new story in a series of surreal, Kafka-inspired stories I am writing. You can find other pieces from this series published online: "A Family Among Us" in Dark Sky Magazine, and "Up and Away" in PANK. Thanks for reading!

5/2/2012: Cool to see this story receive a kind review in a foreign language, and compared to Joyce Carol Oates, no less:  

Le texte qui a ma préférence est une nouvelle, “Tunnelling”, écrite par Blake Kimzey, dans laquelle l’auteur, en très peu de pages, et dans la suite de ce qu’a pu faire quelqu’un comme Joyce Carol Oates, parvient à créer une ambiance étrange autour de l’histoire d’un nouveau-né un peu spécial – la nouvelle se fonde sur l’alliance de ces deux choses attirance/répulsion, deux choses qu’elle exploite sous le point de vue du regard : ce qui est exotique, c’est désormais cet être, cet individu qui vient de naître et qui n’évolue pas comme on l’attendait.

You can read the full review, in French, here. 

5/10/2012: The Paris Review devotes a great post to this issue of Her Royal Majesty; you can check it out here.

5/22/2012: You can also read about this issue of Her Royal Majesty over at Tin House.


Hermite critique said...

Did you read the story "Feral", by J.C. Oates, in the collection titled "The museum of Dr Moses" ? Your story reminded of this text, I'm sure you would enjoy it.


Blake said...

I haven't read "Feral" yet, but I'm going to get that collection from the library this week. Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks again for such kind words.

My best,