Monday, September 20, 2010

A Great Review of The Lifted Brow 7 & Breeders

There are places you want your work reviewed and one of those places is Literary Minded. Got an email today from The Lifted Brow editor Ronnie Scott with a link to, gasp!, an awesome review of TLB7 by Literary Minded. Sam Cooney writes the review and has a lot of wonderful things to say, such as:

"The Lifted Brow is literature that isn’t, it’s literature that won’t, it’s literature that refuses. But it’s also (paradoxes are so easy) literature that does, literature that must, literature that pushes."

Cooney mentions five stories in his review, and "Breeders" is one of them. He writes:

"Blake Kimzey’s ‘Breeders’ has this great narrator. He’s an idiot, but he’s a charming idiot. Not a harmless one though, as his ‘uncivilised’ fixations involve others. But he’s a follower, and when we meet him he is kowtowing to his friend Jimmy in a plan to breed a Great Dane with a Pit Bull to make a Great Pit. Mauling ahoy!"

I'm thrilled to be in TLB7 and feel a bit of pride at being mentioned in the Literary Minded review, which also raves about stories by Robert Shearman, Chris Somerville, Dolan Morgan, and Mike Meginnis. You can read the whole review here and I would encourage you to buy your copy of TLB7 because the previous six issues have sold out and the last copy of this issue will ship soon!

And thanks again to Ronnie Scott for publishing my work!